Colored Contact Lenses Solotica SOLFLEX NATURAL COLORS Topaz

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Colored Contact Lenses Solotica SOLFLEX NATURAL COLORS Topaz

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Monthly durability, 1 pair of lenses with or without power.


Colored Lenses Solotica SOLFLEX NATURAL COLORS

Searching for high quality colored contact lenses? The SOLFLEX NATURAL COLORS
are the perfect choice for those looking for comfortable and fashionable colored lenses
that provide stunning color effects enhancing your eyes natural color.

Made from high quality materials, the Solótica colored contact lenses are available in a
wide range of colors as Hazel, Crystal, Quartz, Blue, Green and others. These are
disposable contact lenses that can be used for up to 1 month.

The colored contact lenses may cause side effects as mild burning and discomfort, so it is
recommended to visit your eye doctor to make sure you are enable to use these type of
lenses, specially if it will be a daily use. Remember that these are disposable contact
lenses with monthly durability and it is not recommended to use them while sleeping and
for more than one day without taking them off.

Light up your look with the Solotica SOLFLEX NATURAL COLORS contact lenses and look
even more fantastic with the rich pigments of our colored lenses. Whether it is a brown
contact lens or blue contact lens, Solotica Natural Colors has designed the best soft
contact lenses available for a breathable and healthy looking eyes with no prescription
The SOLFLEX NATURAL COLORS have a smooth and comfortable touch, reflecting the
highest quality products available in our online store. We are the only Solotica online
distributor in the U.S approved by the FDA of the United States of

Box with 2 lenses (1 pair).

Gelatinous lenses.

Disposable: 1 mothly; 
Material: 62% Polymacon; 
Hydration: 38%; 
Diameter: 14.2 mm; 
Base Curve: 8.7;

Manufacturer: Solótica.

Plain Lenses: In stock + carrier delivery time.
With Power: 2/15 business days + carrier delivery time.